Bulli Ray Trained Erie, PA Water Works on August 2 2019  – FEEDBACK From Training

Bulli Ray Trained Erie, PA Water Works on August 2 2019

Feedback – I’m not kidding one bit – one of THE BEST training sessions I have been through! I wasn’t initially supposed to stay; was there to just help get the morning going but was so intrigued that I refused to leave!!! SOOOOO beneficial for everyone there – I saw the attention from EVERYONE as it was taught with a “straight-shooter” approach to reality! None of this sugar-coated stuff…..it was facts represented by REAL-LIFE training! I believe the actual dog biting demonstration hit home to all. You can read about it, watch it on a video but man, to hear her bark and see it in her eyes that she means business, really got the attention of all. I learned SO much and I am not even in the field of work that pertains to this but it is something I will never forget and HOPEFULLY, will never need to use however, I do a lot of walking and can encounter it at some point maybe. At least I will know what to do!

Explaining the different personalities of the dogs hit home too. To see the different body languages of the breeds will stick with me. Great thing to point out.

I can’t thank you guys enough. I have personally heard nothing but GREAT compliments from those that attended. FINALLY, a training class that was interactive, beneficial and not boring!!!

Ann Whipple
Erie Water Works