Meter reader shared this true story.

Hi Cynthia,

First, please share this with Mitzi as I don’t have her email. Fantastic training! I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the training sessions you conducted down here. I have been around dogs all my life and learned a couple useful tidbits from your training. Understanding their drives and their hierarchy really helps you quickly understand the dog in front of you.

I had one meter reader share this true story with me. The day After our training (last Friday) this person encountered five (5) loose dogs while doing his routes. He was able to navigate through each encounter without issue and kept himself safe. He noted that none of the dogs appeared to be dominate aggressive which helped him understand what he had to do to be safe. Talk about putting newly learned skills to the test! I’m not sure how these encounters would have gone if he had not been through this training…

Thank you both for coming down and visiting us. Mitzi’s stories really hit home, the facts presented were undisputable, and the live dog really brought everything home (and was fun – for those of us in the audience, LOL). We look forward to seeing you again. Take care.


Timothy Parks CSD, RMPE
Timothy Parks, Certified Safety Director, Risk Management for Public Entities l Risk Manager l City of Bradenton l Risk and Safety Division