National Fuel Gas

Hi Mitzi & Cynthia,

With respect to your videos, I know our safety supervisor acquired one recently. I watched it and think you did an excellent job updating the content. We are showing it to all our new employees then telling them that someday we will return to live dog training.
Quick story for you…..back in April I was taking a walk along our road at the end of a long work day. I was using a wireless headphone and remote mic while speaking with our daughter so I wasn’t entirely focused on my surroundings. All of a sudden, without warning, a very aggressive dog started running at me at a high rate of speed – barking and angry. It appeared to be a mixed breed with some pit bull features in his head and shoulders. It was about ¼ mile from our house but I had never noticed the dog before.
Instinctively I turned to the dog, stepped toward him, spread my arms out and yelled, “NO, GO HOME!” so loudly that it scared my daughter and the dog. The dog stopped about 15 ft from me and trotted parallel with me for a few paces until I yelled at him again, then he retreated to his house. After attending at least 20 of your training classes over the years, I guess something finally stuck!

Thank you for what you do. Our guys have told stories like this over and over. We are currently enjoying our lowest injury rate in our Company’s history and we are appreciative of partners like you who have helped us reach this point.

Take care…..wash your hands!