Rick Kelican

On Sept. 29, 2009 I had spent the night with some friends of mine in Hurst, Texas. My friend, Tim Van Mol, was the proud owner of 10 new baby puppies from his 2 dogs he owns. They were about 2 weeks old and, needless to say, the mother dog was very protective of her babies. Normally, both dogs are so docile and well behaved that the worst you get from them is constant licking and wanting to be petted.

Well, I was asleep in the living room, on the sofa, and had just woke up as the TXU meter reader was going by the front window to come around back to read the meter.

All of a sudden, both dogs started going nuts by barking and scrambling to the doggy door to go outside. I immediately knew they were after the TXU employee. I jumped up to try and call them back just as Tim was getting to the patio door. We were both too late. The dogs were out and had the man cornered. I then saw he had one of your BITE STICKS in hand and had the mother dog on it and in control of the situation. The other dog just stood back and watched in awe as the TXU worker slowly and calmly backed out of the yard with mama dog in tow. Just like you instructed them to do.

This is the first time I have actually seen the BITE STICK in action. I told Tim how I knew about it and how much money y’all just saved HIM and TXU. Not to mention the wounds the worker could have received. I intend to call TXU and let them know that the time and effort and money they invested in your class for their employees just paid off big for that particular worker. I bet he was glad he had the stick and had taken your class also. He could have been seriously hurt that day.

I have seen your class and video, and I have passed on your information to anyone that has a dog or comes in contact with dogs. I even tell people that go for walks in their own neighborhood, that they should invest in THE BITE STICK. I have a couple myself, that I keep in my car and at the house, just in case I come upon a vicious stray dog.

I hope you can use this testimonial to show how much your class is needed to make the public aware of how dogs can turn on you in any given situation. Like I said before, both of these dogs were friendly pets. But since there were newborn puppies around, both dogs, especially the mother dog, became over protective and acted out of the ordinary. It surprised both Tim and me. BTW, Tim says to tell y’all thanks so much for saving him an expensive hospital bill or possible lawsuit. He is a believer in your class now too.