Suanne Dunn

I would like to share with you my personal experience regarding the dog attacks and the impact of the Bulli Ray program. Unfortunately, I was attacked by a pair of Labradors on March 15 2004, while reading meters in a customer’s backyard. The circumstance were particularly misfortunate due to the fact that the dogs charged me from a short distance while I was perched on a stepping stone reading a meter over the fence. That lad to me being knocked onto the ground putting me in a very vulnerable/dangerous position. Being unable to confront or attempt to control the dogs from the ground, I relied on what I had learned in the Bulli Ray program. These learning’s, I strongly believe got me through a desperate situation with the least amount of injuries. The following are a few of my thoughts and actions during the attack. Again, and I can’tstress enough, I firmly believe this made the difference between my having received several bite wounds on my legs and feet, and the possibilities of having sustained extremely more sever injuries.”

From the program:

  1. I knew it was necessary to get up on my feet.
  2. I knew I needed to protect my arms and hands if I was to get up.
  3. The wounds I got were not as bad as they would have been had I fought
    back against the more aggressive dog.
  4. I quickly identified the more aggressive dog and focused on my
    reactions/movements to that one dog.
  5. I realized that every situation and every dog being individual and unique.

I had to make quick judgments about these two particular dogs in relation to what I’d learned in the Bulli Ray program.