1. Are you looking for specific breeds when hiring dogs for Bulli Ray?

Yes, we look for working breeds such as German Shepherds, Belgium Malinois, Rottweilers, and Dobermans. Every once in a while we will find a Pit Bull, American Bull Dog or Cane Corso that is suitable for our classes. These dogs are great for the class because they are the breeds employees are confronted by in the field.

2. Are there any breeds you would never consider for hire?

No, unless they are too small or their mouths will not fit around the sleeve (protective cuff the employees wear). We have used a Blue Heeler, Japanese Tosa and a Labrador Retriever because they were safe and strong enough to do the work. The same goes for dog handlers/trainers, it is hard to trust a trainer no one has heard of or knows of personally and these dogs are also not usually cultivated or professionally trained for the working sports.

3.  What type of specific traits are you looking for in a dog?

The most important traits are the dog’s dominance, fighting drive, and tolerance to pain. If the dog does not have a pain tolerance then they will not bite the sleeve because it is a very physical activity. Training itself cannot make a dog strong enough to walk into a room of 50 to 100 people and ignore everyone and only see the person suited up for the fight. The training is very important but not as crucial as the latter. Most dogs will come into the room but won’t bite out of fear and intimidation. Those dogs are unpredictable and dangerous. For this reason, they will be eliminated in the parking lot and never make it to the training room.

Interview By: Ashley Klawitter